2 Reasons Why So Many Couples Host Their Weddings At Boutique Wedding Venues

Here are two reasons why so many couples host their weddings at boutique wedding venues.

It gives them more control over the ambience of their special day

One reason for the popularity of this kind of venue amongst couples is that it gives them far greater control over the ambience of their wedding day. This is very important since, even if a couple goes to great lengths to plan a beautiful wedding, with wonderful food, live music and gorgeous decor, it could still not be the amazing experience they want it to be if the general ambience of the venue is not pleasant.

This is something that could easily happen in, for example, a large hotel that is not a boutique wedding venue and that hosts multiple types of events at once. In the setting of a couple's wedding (a fun, relaxed, romantic atmosphere) the hotel could feel sombre if it is also hosting a funeral reception at the same time and there are funeral guests milling around the area. Conversely, in a hotel that's a dedicated boutique wedding venue, any couple who books it for their wedding celebrations will not need to worry about other, non-celebratory events having an unpleasant effect on their special day.

It gives them greater privacy throughout the wedding

Another reason why many couples opt to book hotels and other establishments that are known as boutique wedding venues is that by doing this, they can enjoy more privacy throughout their wedding. For example, when a couple hosts their wedding at a hotel where there are also other events being held, there might be other strangers nearby during their celebrations. Some of these strangers might admire and decide to snap pictures of the bride's beautiful wedding gown or of the wedding's gorgeous decor, and post them on social media without permission.

While the people who do this might mean no harm, many couples greatly value their privacy and would either prefer to be the first ones to share pictures of their special with specific groups of friends and family, or they might prefer to not have any share any images of it at all online. As such, a lot of couples might be upset at discovering that someone did this on their wedding day. At a boutique wedding venue, couples have the option to maintain their privacy, simply because there won't be other random people roaming around their venue on their wedding day.

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