Dining at a Motel or Hotel: 4 Ways to Save Money

If you are planning to spend some time away from home on a holiday, you may be thinking about ways in which you can enjoy good food without having to spend a fortune. Dining while travelling doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Read on to discover 4 ways in which you can enjoy great food at a lower cost.

Pay upfront for your food

If you decide to stay in a hotel, one way of ensuring you do not spend too much money on food is to pay the bill upfront rather than charging the cost to your room. Most hotels will offer to charge any drinks and meals to your room tab rather than requesting payment on the spot. While this can seem like a convenient way of doing things, it can also encourage you to order lots of food and drink without thinking about the price. Doing this could lead to a nasty shock when you are presented with your bill as you check out. By informing your server that you wish to pay upfront, you can budget your spending and avoid any nasty shocks.

Take advantage of any special offers for guests

Next, you should be aware of any special offers which are available when you book your room. Because you are a guest, you may be eligible for special discounts when using the hotel or motel dining room.

Consider booking yourself into self-catering accommodation

One great way to cut the amount of money you spend on dining is to book yourself into a motel rather a hotel. Motels often have lower overheads than hotels, and this means that the on-site diner will often offer lower-priced dishes. You may also want to consider booking yourself into a motel room which has a kitchenette, as this will enable you to self-cater during your stay. The cost of buying and preparing fresh ingredients in your room will often be much less than the price of a restaurant meal.

Keep your eyes open for happy hour deals

If you plan to enjoy a few drinks during your trip, you should inquire about any happy hour deals at the hotel or motel bar, such as two-for-one offers on cocktails. By timing when you have a drink, you could save a lot of money.

If you would like to find out more about dining options, you should contact your local hotel today.