Extended Road Trips: 3 Tips to Keep Accommodation Cost Down

Going on an extended road trip is a fantastic way to see Australia. However, depending on the choices you make, it can also be costly. If you plan to set out on a long road trip across or around Australia, but you are worried about how much it might cost, you should check out the following tips.

Consider your accommodation options

One of the largest costs associated with an extended trip is the nightly accommodation you will require. While you may be able to sleep in your car now and again to save a bit of cash, this will not be possible on a long-term basis. Nightly stays in hotels can soon add up and eat up your entire budget. For this reason, you should focus your attention on motels which are on the route you wish to take.

Look for a motel with an in-room kitchenette

After accommodation, the second biggest cost is likely to be food. While you may wish to occasionally treat yourself to a meal in a restaurant attached to a motel, you should try to keep costs down by preparing your own food. When searching for motels to stay in on your long-distance road trip, you should look for a business which offers an in-room kitchenette. Although an in-room kitchenette will be basic, it should contain a small fridge and microwave along with utensils and cutlery. This equipment will make it possible for you to enjoy tasty but basic homemade food every evening.

Look for a motel which is located away from built-up areas

Because you will be driving, you will be able to reach motels which are located a little way off the beaten track. Accommodation which is located in major cities or built-up areas is likely to be much more expensive than the type which is located further out. This is often a result of higher demand for rooms because of the increased access to other services and attractions and the higher business rent which the motel owner will need to pay to the local authorities.

Check if you are eligible for a discount

If you are going to be staying in several motels which are all part of the same chain, you should contact the company before you book to see if you are eligible for any form of discount. Many motels have loyalty schemes for regular customers which could help you to save a few dollars.

For further information, you should contact a motel company today.